Is there a warranty? How many years?

Yes, 20 years – battery not included – solar panel is 25 years (manufactures warranty).

What is the most popular unit?

Grasshopper as of today.

Is charging time affected by cloudy weather vs sunny day?

The sun is key to any solar device. More direct sun, more charging ability, less sun, less ability.

Can they be portable, to take from festival to festival?

A portable version of our Grasshopper is set for release later this year.

If the Grasshopper is located at a festival will it be able to charge continually in a busy location for hours?

As long it has direct sunlight

Is there a way to add a sign so that the public knows it’s a charging station?

Yes, this is already an option.

Is installation easy?

Yes, Dig the hole, pour the footing/foundation (with specific requirements) then let cure. It does require at least two people, Helios is several people. We do need to be deeply involved in the install process.

Can a business or city parks department put them in?

Yes – With the understanding that they MUST use our guidelines or void the warranty.

How long does it take to charge a cell phone?

We do not have a standard answer for this, all phones are different. All of our USB ports are quick charging ports.

How long will the battery last before it needs to be replaced?

Up to 10 years, depending on use.

Will customization of any part have an upgrade charge?

Yes we have a list of upgrade options, and most DO have a upgrade charge attached to them.